Color Reduction and Pattern Re-Coloring in Photoshop

rose pattern in millions of colors rose pattern in four colors rose pattern in three colors rose pattern in two colors

Pattern Re-Color Section - Section 4

Custom Color Tables

Custom color table with basic color file behind it

In this section we will use what we have learned from the color reduction sections of this block of instruction to color index the file, but after that we will save the color table file as an external or separate file that we can then use to work with other files. Completing one table takes us about 5 minutes. We should complete at least 6. This may take us up to 30 minutes total to complete 6 table files.

Video Instructions

The video below will provide step by step instructions through this quick and easy section;

In the next section, Section 5 we will learn to "load" our color tables so they can be very easily used to re-color our artwork.

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