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CJ389 ~ Creative Concepts ~ Fall 2021

Week 8

Weekly Overview

We are on the last leg of the journey! Thank you for an amazing term! Please watch all the videos in their entirety.

The Tri-Fold Brochure

Brochure - Part 1

Project Overview and Prep

Brochure - Part 2

Establishing the Background

Brochure - Part 3

Creating the Grid

Brochure - Part 4

"Placing Placing Placing"

Brochure - Part 5

Adding Text - Point vs Area

Brochure - Finale

Publishing - What to turn in!

The Business Card

Just this one Video

Posting to Adobe Behance

Video Instructions

Please Watch All the Videos Before starting any Work!

More Critical Behance Help

What is expected from your post - A Visual Rubric

Video Instructions

Exporting Images from Photoshop
Download the Mock-Up Template Here!

Video Instructions

Exporting Artboards from Photoshop

These video instructions will help you establish your profile and post your Final Poster. We will use Behance to afford and provide us with a degree of web visibility. We will later link our portfolio web page to this - making it our portfolio more "searchable" and findable! Our final assignment will be to share the link to your Behance posting in our final course discussion!

Thank you for a Wonderful Term!

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