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CJ389 ~ Creative Concepts ~ Fall 2021

Week 5

Weekly Overview

This week we are going to continue to develop our logo[s] for our branding projects. We will also learn to do some drawing in Adobe Illustrator. This drawing can then be used in our branding efforts. Once we complete our logo[s], we will use these in developing other collateral branding assets such as business cards, web pages, and marketing brochures.

Logo Development

In this series of video instructions, we will learn some additional visual enhancement techniques that will enable us to elevate the quality and personalization of our logo/branding development.

There are 2 files we will need from this exercise! Please watch this video carefully to make sure we know what to submit! Thank you!

Tracing Images Using Adobe Illustrator

Finding Downloading and Cropping

Tracing the Zia Image

Finalizing the Trace

Bonus! Customizing the Zia

Having this image asset will enable us to use this in any subsequent branding efforts. The Zia is beyond iconic and is instantly recognizable by many people around the world!

Creating Another Branding Asset

Radial Repeats in Adobe Illustrator

Please do NOT submit any work from a previous term! Thank you!

Please know additional material will be posted here on Wednesday, September 22cd. Due dates will be established with timelines in central consideration. Thank you for your WONDERFUL efforts!

Assembling our Logo's

In the following series of videos, we will be 'building' different logo configurations using the assets we have created. The example image below demonstrates a successful completion of the logo portfolio:

Example of a successful logo portfolio

Applying Basic Transforms

Logo Building - part 1

Exploring Configurations

Logo Building - part 2

Adding Text

Logo Building - part 3

Exchanging Symbols

Logo Building - part 4

Modifying the Presentation

Logo Building - part 5

Modifying a Symbol

Logo Building - part 6

More Modificationss

Logo Building - part 7

Completing our Logos

Logo Building - part 8

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