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CJ389 ~ Creative Concepts ~ Fall 2021

Week 6

Weekly Overview

We have much to accomplish as we head into week 6! We have three weeks left in this condensed course to complete our branding. There are a few branding collateral materials that we are going to create. Those are:

The T-Shirt Project: Only 1 is required - any extra work will get extra points!

3 tshirt mock-ups by Christopher Schiotis

Video Instructions

Mapping Art on to a T-Shirt

In this video, we will learn how to 'map' art onto a T-Shirt mock-up.

Creating the Template

Defining our Art as a Pattern

In this final video, we will map our Content Aware pattern art onto the T-Shirt mock-up.

Adobe Dimension

Dimension Renders by Chris Schiotis

Start here - Project Info

Dimension Work - Part 1

Getting Started!

Dimension Work - Part 2

Working with lights

Dimension Work - Part 3

Customizing the Model

Dimension Work - Part 4

Customizing the Materials

Dimension Work - Part 5

Just one more video...

What to turn in!

We will work in at least 2 separate Adobe Dimension files, producing a model from each file. These will be rendered using the settings provided in the video instructions. The models will have at least one graphic placed upon them. The renders will be formatted again, as the video instructions direct our efforts, 1024px x 768px in Photoshop 16 bit. These 2 files will be submitted to the course assignment area for review.

Labels! These should be 1024 x 768 pixels using your logos and artwork. You will be submitting your labels on your 3d models. The points for this work are considered part of that project development.

Thank you!!!

Creating Our Labels

Labels - Part 1

Project info and getting started

Labels - Part 2

Adding stylization

Labels - Part 3

Making an Elliptical Label

Labels - Part 4

Final Touches

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