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CJ389 ~ Creative Concepts ~ Spring 2023

Week 3

Assignment #1 - Shoot Photos

The image below is the same logo that was pictured in the video above and provides a prolonged look at where this assignment is going. Please keep this in mind as you choose and develop your images. It has been mentioned elsewhere in the instructions, but definitley merits additional mention.

The instructor's first logo
Please note that there are only three colors used; black, white and gray.

More solid information on logo's. This link is mostly images! Info from this link wil be included in a future quiz!

Video Instructions

Knocking out the Background v.2

This video provides some very important additional info on this topic. Thank you!

Poster Effect v.2

Generating Branding Images

We are moving towards creating our own logo for our own brand. Taking our own photos and developing these images not only means that they are unequivocally our own, but will also produce strong[er] results for us as designers and business people.

Checking Our Work

Cleaning Up the Dirt

We did not have to look this close in the development of our posters (from last term in CJ374) as we were compositing them in a such a way as to make them much more forgiving in the area of clean-up and/or stray pixels. For the purposes of Brand Development we must be thorough in knocking out the BG's of these images.

Adobe Illustrator Integration

Using Live Trace

I usually show this element (Live Trace) to my clients/learners after I show them how to draw using the pen tool. For our purposes, we will have to work in stages to acquire our drawing skills. The pen tool usually requires drills to reach any level of proficiency with it. I encourage everyone to develop this skill, but the path we will travel to develop our brand[s] will necessitate an accelerated approach - hence Live Trace.

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