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CJ389 ~ Creative Concepts ~ Spring 2023

Week 4

Overview of Activities

Info Video

Coloring and Re-Coloring

Adobe Illustrator's Color Guide and Swatches Palette Windows

In this brief informational video, we pick right up where we left off with our brand building efforts. We will work with the Swatches and Color Guide palette window[s]. There are features and functions relative to each window that will enable us to achieve the best possible results.

Adobe Illustrator's Edit Colors Module

The Edit Colors Module is quite complex! This is by no means a comprehensive study, but it will help us to acquire skills that will enhance our workflow immediately. These skills will be very useful in the future for sure!

This video also explains exactly what needs to be turned in for this exercise.

'Symbolizing' our Motifs

In this quick video, we will look at 'Symbolizing' our motifs. We will learn what this means by watching this video! These steps will need to be completed before we can move on.

Using a background element to develop brand colors

Importing our Color Groups

Using them to re-color other branding images

In this assignment, we must address the need to vectorize, re-color and integrate additional branding images into our logo development. Please vectorize and re-color as many of your branding images as possible! At least 2 are required - But I will give 10 extra credit points for any additional images! Do them for your brand!

Creating Illustrator Brushes

These videos will teach us some critical Illustrator techniques.

Introduction to Illustrator Brushes

Creating Our First Brushes

Spacing the Brush

Custom Made Brushes

Ultra Custom Made Brushes

Creating Motif Brushes

Motif Brushes - Quick Enhancement Technique

This video demostrates a critical technique for adjusting our brushes.

In the next series of videos, we will be compositing our elements into different logo possibilties. We will have to finalize these very soon, so please think about this as we continue to develop our branding solutions/efforts.

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