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Project One - The Moon

Continue to work on your personal space ship projects!!!
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Section 3

In this video section, we will be adding lighting. We will be lighting each object indivually so that we can exercise a high degree of control over each element of our moon scene composition. This particular "path of travel" will also create an opportunity to explore certain lighting techniques, for example; looking through the light, lighting the viewports, etc. Please email me your ship proogress and the progress you have made with this project by Monday, April 20 to my Ask Academy email; If you have any difficulties, please email me concerning those as well.

Thank you!

The files you submit should be named: yourname_moonlighting.jpg and yourname_moonlighting.max. Just like the image below:


Lighting the Moon

Lighting the Bat-ship

Lighting the X-fighters and Space Station

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