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Course Intro - Project One

Project One

About Project One

We are going to start with the Moon - Although some of us have done the Moon, I am going to ask you to do it again following the video instructions provided here so that we will have elevated the project while seeing it in a simplified manner compared to the classroom instructions.

Please stay with me here... These online instructions make things a bit more comprehensible.

Elevating the project means adding lights and texture as the example above demonstrates. The instructions will provide settings and coordinates for the lights and camera. Please feel free to adjust the camera, but know you will be graded for proper use of the rule of thirds and composition quality.

Section one will outline creating the moon. Section two will show us the creation and placement of the lights. The subsequent sections will show us how to "merge" our own spaceships into the scene. I will provide the space station model for you.

Finally we will render from videopost and generate the Starfield and glow on the spaceship exhaust. This will be a portfolio piece, so please expect more from yourselves than even I do!

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