Tech Skills for Merchandising

Spring 2021

Week Two

SketchUp Assignment #1

The Digital 2D Floorplan - Done!

Final Submission

This is what our completed floorplan should look like.

Phase Intro

The intro video will gives us an overview of this phase and some guidance as to how we should approach it.

Phase 1 - Video Intro
2:26 runtime

Phase 1

Getting Started

We will start this phase of the project by "placing" our image of our floorplan that we exported from SketcUp Pro. We will then size it to scale - or very close to that. It will fit on an 8.5" x 11" page so that it can be printed if so desired.

Phase 1 - video instructions
8:15 runtime

Phase 2

Drawing display tables - (basic rectangles)

In this phase of this drawing, we wil use the rectangle tool to create what will represent "tables" in our floor plan. We will also learn some "reflection transform" tricks that will help us get our work done quicker!

Phase 2 - video instructions
8:44 runtime

Phase 3 - Adding Other Elements

This is another part of the assignment that will require some decision making on your part. We are going to have to consider product positioning. Where will the different items go and how will we "tier" them?

Phase 3 - video instructions
7:55 runtime

Phase 3A - Adding Elements - cont...

In this section we will continue to add display elements, including at least one cash register and four fire extiguishers. The video below will show us some cool techniques.

Phase 3A - video instructions - cont...
7:55 runtime

Phase 4 - Adding Text and Callouts (Arrows)

In this final section we will add all of the text to complete the floor plan. We will also be adding "callouts". This of course is the lines and arrows that point out the display elements of our store floor plan. There will also be information as to how we are to submit the final phase of this project for grading.

Phase 4 - video instructions
9:06 runtime

Good JOB completing this assignment!

Go to the instructions page for phase 1 of project 2: The 3D version of our floor plan.

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